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Sheep in a jeep CD e livro

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Sheep in a jeep CD e livro

"Beep! Beep! Sheep in a jeep on a hill that's steep."

This story, much like the jeep, gathers momentum from page one.

When five foolish sheep cram into one jeep, their high spirits and occasional lack of foresight (like forgetting to steer) combine to make a riotous, if ill-fated, road trip. Plummeting over a hill, tumbling into a mud puddle, yelping for help, these muttonheads just can't get their act together, much to the delight of young readers.

Nancy Shaw's Seussian rhymes are guaranteed to tickle every reader's funny bone, while providing a great little learning tool, as well. Who wouldn't want to learn how to read, after hearing lines like this: "Jeep goes splash! Jeep goes thud! Jeep goes deep in gooey mud!" Well-loved illustrator Margot Apple humorously captures the dopey expressions and preposterous predicaments of Shaw's sheep. More wild and woolly misadventures can be found in any of Shaw and Apple's other sheepish titles, including Sheep on a Ship and Sheep Take a Hike.

Imagens meramente ilustrativas.Livro com CD em inglês, ajudando as crianças aprender a ler em inglês.

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